Last Update: 10/27/2017

The Art of (Doing) Nothing

Hazda hunter lying on a towel, taking a nap
Somewhere long ago, our formerly hunter-gatherer ancestors got off track and fucked us up. They got busy and built "civilization," which shackles us today.

Stuff. It's all about the fuckin' stuff. We got the stuff, maintain the stuff, want the stuff, build the stuff, and hanker after the stuff – especially other people's stuff. It's a lotta fuckin' work, Man!

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But them that stayed hunter gatherers … they did a lotta nothin'. Sat on their asses most a the day, just talkin and fuckin'. The were the original affluent society. Sounds like Vanholio's kinda paradise!

I wanna get back some a that. That's why I vandwell. It's my dream to be lazy and contribute as much nothin' to this Earth-killin', human-crushin' society as I can.

Read this essay, "The Art of Nothing," by primitive skills teacher Thomas J. Elpel. He's addressin' primitive skills preppers, but there's a line a thought we can learn from.

Do' nothin' to save your money, save your life, and save your soul.


  1. Anonymous4.11.17

    thats a great link to read. vanholio speak much truth. van dwelling gives ME back My time. no longer busting balls to pay mortgage payment, property taxes, etc. 5 + years as van dweller, no REGERTS. ��
    cheers. pasadenaray1 I.G.
    Annapolis Md

    1. Glad you liked it, too. Really made me think.