Only known portrait of Vanholio, a police sketch, often mistaken for Unabomber
Police Sketch of Vanholio!

Who Is Vanholio!?

Wouldn't you like to know! So would the Texas Rangers, the Feds, and Interpol ... Here's what we can reveal:

Vanholio! is an itinerant philosopher and full-time vandweller. He resists The Corporatocracy by stayin' on the move, stayin' underground, and spreadin' notions of freedom to The Masses through this blog.

Vanholio's Prime Manifesto:

Shit, un-freedom ain't mostly but lack a imagination. You need ta shake off them shackley ideals!
Follow this blog. Read his books and manifestos. "Shake off them shackley ideals." Learn to live free. At last.

Advertising Disclosure

It is a fact that Vanholio is a fucking sellout! He's tryin' to make a few bucks where he can. Can you blame a guy for wantin' to stay in beer and gas? Truth is, he don't make shit on this site, maybe $10-15 a month in advertisin' AT MOST. Ain't even a tank a gas! BEER ME, PLEASE!

The Man requires him to inform you he gets affiliate and advertising kickbacks from the likes a AdsenseAmazon.com, Dealspotr, WalmartTraveling Mailbox, and GreatCall (via Impact Radius). At least once in a long damn while. Really don't add up to much, to be honest.