Last Update: 3/03/2019

Chrysler Charges $1400 for Temperature Adjustment Knob!

Photo of Ram Promaster City Climate Control Module

Can ya believe this shit!? Chrysler dealership wants me ta pay $1400 to replace the broken temp control knob in my 2015 Promaster City. What the fuck!? Is the fucker made a gold?

It even halfway works! Just don't turn all the way, can't get the coldest cold nor the hottest hot.

Turns out the temp control knob is part of a module, the "climate control module." (That's the photo at top.) Gettin' a new OEM control module, plus the dealer's time ta rip inta the dash, is why it's so hard'n pricey. And for some reason, it ain't covered by my MOPAR VIP extended warranty (which expires in about a year anyhow). Cost me $125 ta find that out!

Well, well, well ... There comes a time in every vehicle's life when the calculus changes, when it's time ta move on. Not from the van, no. From dealer service. It's time for that scrappy combo a DIY, handy friends, junk yards, aftermarket parts, and just livin' with some quirks.

Now that winter's nearly over, I mighta just gone on as is. Heat ain't that big a deal. In terms a AC, headin' ta Canada for the summer anyways.

But an internet search found me scrap control modules bein' sold online. Junk yards do that shit now. Got one ordered off Ebay, only $40 with free shipping.

Might spend another $20 for a subscription ta ta access their repair manual for my Promaster City. That's for instructions on tearin' apart the dash in such ways that I can put the fucker back together. Plus whatever new delights come up months from now.

So call it ... $60 ta fix? Vs. $1400!? Yup, we're in new territory now. ... And no, Vanholio ain't all that handy, believe it or not. But ta save $1300+? I'll fuckin' learn, goddamnit!

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  1. Ah, an opportunity to learn new skills. Or to make the situation worse.

    Evidently it's a common enough problem for there to be several YouTube videos about it.

    1. Let's say I make screw up the dash rippin' it apart and have to buy more scrap parts ... I doubt I'll make it $1400 worse! Even $500 in new parts saves me a buttload.

  2. Anonymous18.5.19

    Regarding #2 above, did you really intend to write "longitude?" I'm thinking that you might have been going for "latitude."
    What bothers me though is that Al Christensen didn't pick up on this in his comment, and Al is pretty sharp. But I can't run it by him as he's currently in the hospital. (If you were not aware of this, check out Al's last half dozen or so "Rolling Steel Tent" blog posts, as he's being very open about his medical situation.