Last Update: 6/01/2018

End of the Road (for Now)

Won't beat around the fuckin' bush: Vanholio's outta vanlife for the near future. He's done moved back to his ol' sticks'n bricks. Deal with it!

Why? Well, it's pretty much what I said in my post a month or so ago: gardenin', woodworkin', cookin' (in a full kitchen), and bein' near my people.

Not ta say he won't hit the road again at some point. Vanholio's always had itchy feet. Could be I'll turn part-timer. Could be I'll sell up and go full-time again when I get sick a this shit. No tellin'.

Only thing for sure is, I'm gonna do whatever the fuck I want!

Don't Expect No More Posts

No, I ain't bloggin' no more. Been at for two years — It's gotten boring. Never did make much money nohow, maybe $20 a month. That ain't even a tank a gas! But most important, like I said, it's gotten boring. So there will be no blog about vanlife nor Vanholio's houselife from here on out.

Had fun writing 169 posts for, plus more besides. Had fun chit-chattin' with readers and others I got ta know on social media. Even met a few folks IRL. But all good things come to an end.

I'll leave up for a couple years. It covers most a the things newbies need ta learn, plus a bit besides. When Google drops the traffic way down, then I'll smother it with a pillow.

Partin' Wise Words

Get off your ass and hit the road, ya whiny bastard. Or don't, if ya don't really wanna. Just follow your heart, goddammit. It ain't that fuckin' complicated!

Gettin' mail on the road? Traveling Mailbox! (review)

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