Last Update: 4/22/2016

RoadPro Stove Secrets – Hard Boiled Eggs

Did you know you can make hard boiled eggs in your RoadPro Stove? All you need to do is bake them in the shell. Then add fresh eggs to salads, sandwiches, etc.
See, it occurred to me one day, why the fuck do we boil eggs? Can’t you bake the sons of bitches? Do they explode or what?
Nope. Found info on ye ol’ web that sure enough you can bake ‘em. So I set about to do it in my trusty RoadPro Stove. Here’s how:

1. Make Gadgets

You’ll need to make some gadgets, if you don’t have them already, to keep the eggs from touching the sides. The RoadPro stove has a heating element under the inside bottom. That’s the hot spot. The heat also conducts through the side and lid metal. To have even heating, you can’t let those eggs touch the sides.

Shown in the photo are some rough and ready gadgets I made. The ring of foil is a trivet to keep the small foil pan from touching that hot bottom. The two smashed cans are spacers keep the foil pan and its contents from touching the sides.

2. Put in Gadgets, Then Eggs

First, you put in the trivet. Then you put the pan atop the trivet. Pin the pan to the center with the spacers. Finally, add your in-the-shell eggs.

3. Close and Bake for 1:45

Close up your RoadPro Stove. Set it somewhere where it won’t knock about much. Then plug it in for 1 hour and 45 minutes. I usually just unplug the stove and leave the eggs inside to cool.

If you overcook the eggs, the whites and shells start turning brown. But don’t worry if you get a little brown. They taste fine and keep the right mouthfeel.

That’s it! Really damned easy to hard boil eggs by baking them in your RoadPro Stove. Even an idiot like me can’t fuck it up!

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Last Update: 4/06/2016

Hot Fried Quail ... Those Dirty Birds!

These fried quail at Suwanee River Cafe, Fargo, Ga., were *HAWT*!

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