Last Update: 5/05/2016

Choke Your Chicken in a RoadPro Stove

Cooking a whole chicken in an oven bag within a RoadPro 12 volt Stove

"Stuff it, stuff it in! Take it all, Baby! Cram that fucking chicken into your hole, choke it!" I screamed as I slid the whole bird into my RoadPro Stove.

I'd been surfing the web for 12 volt cooking food porn. Then I found THIS. He had crammed that super-sized chicken into that hot hole ... Mmmm. He'd put the bird into an oven bag and stuffed it into his RoadPro Stove all the way. After slowly working it, getting it hot and greasy for 2.5 hours, that bitch was melting off the bone! My tongue was on the floor!

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So when I was in the grocery store, I saw they were pimping whole birds, seasoned, with bread stuffing inside, ready to go. I bought one, about 3 lbs. I put it in a bag (with a little flour and an air hole in top, per instructions.)

I fisted it into my RoadPro Stove. I baked it for ... well, a long time, like 5 or more hours. Don't know why it took so long, probably the stuffing. But damnnnnn!
RoadPro Stove ...
Cooks Anything!

Tender, so tender. It was love at first bite. Las Chihuahas and I ate half the chicken and most of the stuffing right away. Now I've got the rest cold and waiting for sandwiches, eating straight, cooking with rice, whatever. Wow. Just wow.

My only complaint is that you don't get the brown, crispy skin of an oven-roasted chicken. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But seriously, ya gotta try it. Choke your chicken into your RoadPro Stove. Roast it for 2.5+ hours. Eat like a king – King of the fucking Road!


  1. Anonymous11.7.16

    Bet it'd been easier to cut the chicken in pieces, and place them into the oven...would'n it ?? LOL.

    1. Mighta been, if it hadn't been packed with bread stuffing. Since then, I've been getting thigh packets cheap.