Last Update: 10/03/2017

Best Tips for Cheap Van Life Cellular Internet

top of cellular internet tower, the van life special
Most a your van life types want cellular internet to stay connected. And they want it cheap, too! Guy in the video below is THE EXPERT on how to do it! Watch'n learn.

BTW, Vanholio uses the flashed Verizon 3G he talks about. Only $5 per month! Works great! But even though video guy says its legal, I'm pretty sure it's a violation of the Verizon's terms. It's in the gray zone.

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  1. Do you only use the 3g Verizon hotspot or do you have a cell phone with a separate smartphone plan as well?

  2. What is the experience like with 3g? Like howlong does it take to load a heavy website like What bitrate can you stream YouTube at? Thanks!

    1. Answering this question and the one before it ...

      My cheap cellphone only has about 5 MB data, so forget that. I mostly use the 3G, but I do have a Verizon 4G MiFi I buy a gig or two on if I'm somewhere that the 3G towers have already been shut down. (Verizon is fazing out 3G by 2020, I've read.) Sometime soon, I might get one of the unlimited services dude talked about in the video, the kind that's only good near cities. (Sprint?)

      The 3G experience (or any cellular internet, really), depends on the strength of the connection and the tower's usage and/or trunk speed.

      With 3 or more bars and at a time of lower usage (when most folks are at work or sleepin'), I can easily enjoy YouTube at 240, if not 360. Usually I do 144, which is fine by me, unless I need to see some detail in the video. Under good conditions, I can stream Amazon videos OK, but not all other services.

      Just a minute ago, sitting in a Walmart parking lot at lunchtime, under somewhat slower connection, I pulled down with all images in a bit over a minute. That was with lots of ads and trackers shut off automatically using extensions I have.

      Just now at a slightly sluggish connection (for 3G), I test at as Ping: 214 ms, Download: 0.38 Mbps, Upload: 0.69 Mbps gave me a download of 800 Kbps. gave me Dowload: 5.82 Mbps, Upload: 0.76 Mbps, Ping: 211 ms

      These three tests are within about 10 minutes of each other. Obviously, getting lots of variability on the download speed.