Last Update: 8/29/2017

Finding Purpose After the Bots Make You Redundant

Motomon android robot cooks up a burger and hash browns
AI and robots are comin' for at least half our jobs eventually. What will you do then? How will you find a reason to get up every day? What's gonna fill up your pride and keep ya outta the bottle?

Could be you'll be one of the high rollers with a job. But don't bet on it. What's your Plan B?

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Vanholio ain't got no answers, just somethin' I'm codgertatin' on.

Sure, I'm like many who think a Basic Income will be needed to move money from the bot owners to the rest. That'll keep ya in tortillas and peanut butter. But just existin' ain't enough. Just existin' don't make ya happy.

Now, some of ya'll say, "But Vanholio, new jobs we can't imagine will be created." Or, "Vanholio, this is pointless. There'll never be a Basic Income." Maybe you're right, but let's just go on as if …

Say you're in the 50%+ whose labor ain't needed no more to drive the market. Say there ain't really no jobs to retrain for or them jobs got 1,000 applicants for each slot?What then?

Maybe retirees, trust fund babies, and those on disability got the answers. Surely some a them find purpose, even though they can't or don't need to earn. Since forever, Moms've taken pride in raisin' good kids.

If you're religious, will you devote yourself to prayer and good works? If you're creative, will you find purpose in art or scientific study? Maybe you'll work on cleanin' up the environment, one piece a trash at a time? Maybe you'll start a business to earn the extras?

Maybe another thing that'll help is if more people in unpaid occupations join into groups for recognition. It could be kinda like in the military, where part a pride comes from medals and patches. Money ain't the only kinda recognition to boost someone up.

I don't know. This is really a kinda speculation. But the day's comin' fast. Best to not be caught with your pants down.

What's your ideas? What would you do?

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  1. Kit Phoenix29.8.17

    Maybe people should consider forming groups and pooling their resources; get a piece of land, start a cooperative, grow and raise much of their own food. There's safety and security in numbers. The days of every man for himself and winner takes all are closing fast for most of us, like you said. There are actually quite a few successful cooperatives throughout the country and they could be the models for people who are willing to pull together.

    1. That might help. Whether redundant workers get nothin' or a basic income, they'd live better in good cooperatives. And maybe people'd find more satisfaction again in social connections versus job status.