Last Update: 12/06/2016

Don’t Wear Out Your Welcome: Visit by Van!

One great thing about OTR van life is visiting far flung friends and family more often. An added bonus is being able to drive away before it’s too late …

Vanholio got down to South Texas to see the F&F just before Thanksgiving. The plan was to stay the whole time at the house of his brother by another mother, “JimmieBeam.” Was gonna stay thru Christmas, most likely till after New Years.

Well, maybe that weren’t the wisest of plans. After near two weeks, J-Beam and Vanholio started stepping on each other’s toes. Words were exchanged. Personal observations were made.

But after a step away, I got to considering that maybe, just maybe, J-Beam weren’t the only asshole in this stinkfest.

J-Beam’s got a lot on his plate at the moment and no patience to spare. But I tell you what: Vanholio was born with no kind of patience whatsoever!

Good news is that the remedy was at hand. Just had get in the van and drive off. Weren’t like I was stuck there, say if I’d flown down.

We agreed that now wasn’t the best time to be in each other’s way. Left with a smile and a handshake.

So now I’m parked up the coast a ways chillin’. I’ll head back at Christmas when things are more relaxed at the J-Beam family homestead. And maybe I’ll spend my time there in measured doses.

He’s a damn good friend, is J-Beam. He’s got his ways, and I got mine. No point ruining a good friendship when just a little space is what the doctor ordered.

Hey, Beer Vanholio! He works hard on this blog.

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  1. When I visit people, I bring the "spare room" with me. The friends think it's a little weird that I'd rather sleep in the van, but my bed is more comfortable than their convertible sofa, and I can scratch and fart and do my usual late night stuff in peace.

    1. Exactly! Everytime, I gotta convince them that the dogs and I *prefer* to sleep in the van. What I do appreciate (besides company) is shower access and the chance to cook us all something in a full-size kitchen.