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Get Help ANYWHERE You Travel in USA – Jitterbug

bicyclist stops at sunset to get help with his Jitterbug smartphone
GreatCall’s Jitterbug smartphones and flip phones ain’t just for seniors no more. Seriously! Vanholio just got his ‘cause it solves major OTR van life safety issues. Every rubbertramp nomad needs one for travel, IMHO – vandwellers, RVers, hitchhikers, bus riders, bikers, bicyclists, and the rest.

But Vanholio, you say, I ain’t old and decrepit. Why the hell would I need one of those fogey phones!? It’s all about the 5Star Urgent Response, patented GPS locator technology, and other safety features. Read on ...

Van Life Safety Problems Jitterbug Solves

Problem – Life-threatening injury or illness

Solution – 5Star agents connect you to doctors and nurses any time of day, can get an ambulance out there, tracked to your Jitterbug’s GPS signal. Arterial cut? Heart attack? Snake bite? Medical staff will talk you through first aid till help arrives. (See video at bottom.)

Problem – Unconscious or dead

5Star Urgent Response and
Jitterbug's other safety features
let you be prepared for any
situation, anytime, anywhere.

Solution – Use the automated Check-In Calls. If you miss a call, your chosen emergency contact is notified. If needed, he or she can work with 5Star agents to track your phone’s GPS signal. Help for you – and help for your pets if you’re beyond help.

Problem – Worrywart friends and family

Solution – You can authorize F&F to keep tabs with the GreatCall Link mobile app. They can map your location via GPS, see the charge left on your phone, and see whether you’ve made any emergency calls. (See video at bottom.)

Problem – Under attack

Solution – 5Star one-button dialing, a HUGE RED BUTTON on the phone. The 5Star agents will alert police and track your phone via GPS.

Problem – Lost

Solution – 5Star agents can locate you via Jitterbug’s patented GPS technology. Agents can help you figure out where you are and where to go.

Problem – Breakdown

Solution – 5Star agents connect you with a tow service or other help.

What About Nationwide Voice and Text on Jitterbug?

Great Call’s Jitterbug flip phones and smartphones are “powered by the nation’s largest and most dependable wireless network.” The company will neither confirm nor deny that this is the Verizon network, the best coverage for nomads. Even in the hinterlands.

How Much Does Jitterbug Service Cost?

It’s actually pretty damn cheap – very competitive! Plans are cafeteria style, starting at $14.99 a month.
Vanholio got the Preferred Health & Safety Plan, plus 600 minutes of talk and 700 texts, for about $40 a month. Same H&S plan plus unlimited talk and text would be about $65. Price for a new phone is average.

DISCLAIMER: Hell yes, Vanholio gets a commission if you buy a Jitterbug and sign up using links on this post. He needs the cheddar. But that don’t make the facts no less pertinent. The Jitterbug is no-brainer safety lifeline for vandwellers, rubbertramps, RVers, and nomads, particularly those doing van life solo.

Hey, Beer Vanholio! He works hard on this blog.

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