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Why I Don't Salute the Flag or Say the Pledge

One man in crowd, circled in red, won't raise the Nazi salute
Well, Vanholio’s gonna start a shitstorm now.

The reason he don’t salute the flag, say the Pledge of Allegiance, or stand during the national anthem ain’t got nothing to do with politics.

He ain’t up for making a statement, unlike some overpaid football players I could name.

No, the reason is simple: The flag is a piece of cloth.

Talking, gesturing, and promising to a some old rag is stupid. It’s as dumb as praying to a cow, kissing the Pope’s ring, bowing before the Queen of England, or any other number of weird, foreign customs.

Now, I know some of ya’ll got strong feelings on this. Ya’ll think it’s disrespectful. Ya’ll think it means I don’t love this country.

Well, I love this country well enough. Ain’t moved, have I? Even if I did, I wouldn’t salute their flags neither, nor bow to their kings, nor pray to their cows.

I’ll say this, too: It disrespects Vanholio to insist he drink your Kool-Aid. And whether you understand that or not, he ain’t sippin’ nohow.

Look, the damn flag don’t care: It’s an inanimate object.

The USA don’t care: It’s an idea.

The Founding Fathers don't care: They're dead.

Most vets don’t even care: They don’t know Vanholio or concern themselves with his doings. They got bigger fish to fry.

So who cares? YOU care. When Vanholio don’t stand up and salute, it hurts your poor baby feelings. So in that respect, maybe I am a shithead.

But maybe you’re too sensitive, Buttercup. Maybe you're mad 'cause Vanholio ain’t fondlin’ your feelins’ just right.

News flash: Vanholio ain't politically correct.

Oh, and here’s a quarter. Call someone who cares.

Hey, Beer Vanholio! He works hard on this blog.

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