Last Update: 2/21/2018

Vanholio's Growin' Some Wisdom, Takin' Fewer Risks

hand touching stove burner coil

Was smart 'nough to hold still by this spot for 4 nights last week. Better than gettin' stuck in the mud. Maybe I learned a thing or two ...

Read about it in this Steemit post. I got out Sunday.
Then today, I was drivin' down some forest roads, tryin' ta get ta the top a the mountain. When I come to a sandy stream bed, I turned back. Maybe I coulda made it without gettin' stuck. But I didn't risk it.

Why Vanholio grown so smart? Check out the links in the "Also See" below. And that's just some a the fuckups I posted about!!! There's more, trust me.

Get mail on the road – Traveling Mailbox! (review)

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