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New 'VanLife App' Collects Best, Most Vanlife Content

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Hungry for vanlife photos and articles? Wish you could find 'em in one place? UK vandwelling aficionado Benji Smalley curates the best in his VanLife App.

It's a pretty kickass app, in Vanholio's not-so-humble opinion. Even a salty ol' vandog like me gets lost in all the cool content.

And Benji's just gettin' started! He and Vanholio pow-wowed by email. Here's what he's got ta say about what the VanLife App does and what it will do in future ...

Vanholio: What is the VanLife App? Who should use it?

Benji: I created the VanLife app to make it easier to access content, pictures, videos, and news articles from all over the web and to bring all that content into one place! Anybody can enjoy using the app, whether a new traveller or somebody building their own van, to somebody just interested in what the vanlife has to offer.

Vanholio: What does the VanLife App do? What are its capabilities?

Benji: The VanLife App has started it's life as a place where I can share what I consider to be the best and most recent "van-lifing" news, photos and videos shared online. Featured content on the app might relate to anything from campervans to motorhomes or RVs and trailers.

I always make sure to give credit to the vanlifers and writers by sending people to their websites for the full article. I think this is very important to be able to introduce and connect vanlifers. You can read news, check popular Instagram feeds and see new updates from great vloggers in the vanlife world.

Vanholio: Is the VanLife App complete? Or are you adding more features?

Benji: No good app development is ever complete, and in terms of the VanLife App, well, it's still a baby learning to crawl. I vision huge new features being added and truly being a one stop place for EVERYTHING VanLife, whether it's park up spots, site reviews, or DIY build guides. There are hundreds of opportunities for new features, and I really like when people suggest new features to be implemented.

[As of today] the VanLife App is only available on Google Play for Android-powered smartphones and in the Amazon Appstore App. The release of the VanLife App for iOS is the first major update the app will receive.

Vanholio: What's your dream for the VanLife App's future?

Benji: In a more developed stage, I hope to provide a full social network app rich in features across all smartphones for vanlifers across the world to be able to connect with each other easier and to share their stories within the app and to introduce the vanlife to people everywhere.

Vanholio: Thanks for the insights, Benji. You got me excited about where the VanLife App is goin'.

Benji: Well I hope I've covered enough here for you, and again thanks so much for the feature.

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  1. Dear Vanholio:
    My name is George Frank. I will be 72 years old this year. I currently live in Anaheim, California. I am a semi-retired Technical College Instructor. I have a nice 2000 Dodge Van Ram, which I have converted and equipped as a simple but efficient RV. I am ready to start a life of freedom and enjoyment of nature by myself, by visiting the multiple beautiful beaches of Southern California, in addition to the State Parks and Wilderness Areas, which are available to me in less than 100 miles radius. I have dedicated my time to research, document, read, and learn as much as possible, from the Internet and many related books, to become a proficient RV-Living enthusiast. I want to thank you for all your kindness and dedication to share your knowledge and experience on RV-Living. I have named my project: "2018 Freedom - California Adventure." Best regards, George Frank Carrillo

    1. Great hearin' from ya! Have a blast!