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Chicken Gizzards, Hearts, and Rice

Gizzards and rice dish in Max Burton 12v Digital Stove to Go

Today, Vanholio didn't do shit but cook up some chicken gizzards, hearts, and rice. Sound gross to you? Well, you don't know what's good! Try this recipe.

You Eaten Gizzards Plenty!

Besides, if you been eatin' chicken, I guarantee you been eatin' gizzards and hearts. Probably ground up into sausage-type things. Maybe nuggets.

Gizzards and hearts and nothin' but strong, active muscles. No nasty organ flavor.

And like all tough muscles, they's best stewed slow to break up the collagen inta gelatin, makin' it mouth tender. Ain't nothin' to it!

AND they're fuckin' cheap! Got a 3/4 of a pound for $1.02! That means 2 meals, at least, for less than $2 total!

Tyson chicken gizzards and hearts at Walmart on clearance for $0.88 per pound

Vanholio's Recipe, As Such

OK, now let me say right off that Vanholio don't normally use recipes nor provide them. He's been cookin' since he was tall 'nough ta see the top a the stove. He learned by experimentin' and watchin' cookin' shows. So now it's all by feel.

But I'll do my best. Here goes …

I put the gizzards and hearts in my Max Burton Digital Stove to Go, added a chopped onion, two chicken-herb bullion cubes, a handful a Auguson Farms Vegetable Stew Blend, and covered with water. Set the stove ta heat and let 'er rip for about 3 hours.

Then I added a tad more water, a tablespoon or more of Old Bay Seasoning, canola oil for fat and ta prevent boilin' over, and dry white rice. How much a all that? Not sure. Eyeballed it.

After another hour, she were done. Tender chicken. Flavorful rice. Full bellies for Vanholio and Ms. Barkley.

It ain't hard. It ain't expensive. And it sure is good. Ain't nothin' weird 'bout eatin' gizzards and hearts, no siree!

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  1. My parents enjoyed gizzards and hearts, perhaps because they grew up on farms during financially tough times and had to get the most food value out of their animals. They weren't upset that we kids turned up our noses, because it meant more gizzards and hearts for them.

    1. Anonymous1.3.18

      if you ever come to indiana, broasted chicken guts as i call them are the most expensive item in the the deli/gas stations. i wouldn't eatem if i were you. nope not one. ice cream. raz

    2. Most expensive? That's crazy!