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Newsflash – Starting an Online Business Is Hard

Here's a genius article: "Is the future of work necessarily glamorous? Digital nomads and ‘van life.'" The authors find vanlife entrepreneurs ain't makin' money.

Well ain't that a fuckin' shock! In the age of online work, digital nomads, vanlife, freelancing, and all the rest, most still struggle to start a business!

… many confessed that their activity was (until now) not really profitable, with their activities being financed through personal savings, family support or gift exchanges.

So these authors – fuckin' academics! – visited with digital nomads in a bunch a countries and all kindsa settings, and it turns out the young people aren't really makin' a livin'. That includes the vanlife bloggers.

Isn't vanlife lifestyle bloggin' supposed to be easy? Don't ya just take some cool shots of ya doin' yoga by a mountain lake, retro vanagon in the background, and the cash starts rollin' in?

Look, gettin' started in business has always been hard. Most fail. And when you're doin' something artistic, it's even harder. Suppliers always exceed the demand. I posted about this a couple weeks ago.

The authors conclude that it's still worth it to young graduates as some kinda learnin' experience. Well, sure. Takin' life by the nuts is always worth a try, especially when you're young and can make up your losses.

But only a dumbass thinks they'll just jump out there and make a million in vanlife blogging. Or any other kinda digital nomad business, for that matter.

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