Last Update: 1/09/2018

Made This Egg Salad Sandwich for ZERO DOLLARS, ZERO MESS!

closeup of egg salad sandwich

Two things to tell: 1. How to make a vanlife egg salad sandwich without no mess, and 2. How this particular sandwich's fixins cost me absolutely nothin'.

How to Make an Egg Salad Sandwich in the Van

Well, you *could* make it the usual way, in a bowl. But then you have to clean that shit out. No, this is better. Vanholio makes his up in a Ziploc bag!

ingredients for egg salad sandwich: bread, boiled eggs, mayonnaise packets, Ziploc
1. Gather your fixins. I usually do about 3 hard boiled eggs to 2 packets of mayo. Makes 2 sandwiches. But go to your taste.

hard boiled eggs broken up inside Ziploc
2. Put the fixins in the bag. Zip it closed so there ain't much air in there.Then gently work with your finders til ya get it as pasty as you like. Treat that huevo sack like it was your own, so as you don't pop it!

egg salad getting squeezed out of Ziploc onto bread
3. Cut or bite off one corner of the Ziploc. Then squeeze out the egg salad like it's frosting.

When you're done, just throw out the bag. Ain't hardly no cleanup, unless you made a mess with the eggshells.

How I Got These Egg Salad Fixins for FREE

Vanholio's been gettin' extra thrifty lately. It's that or get a real job ...

One thing I took up is usin' coupon apps on my smartphone. Two I tried so far and like are's app and Ibotta. Both let ya save digital coupons in the app. Then you redeem them by takin' a photo of your receipts.

(BTW, use this link to sign up for Ibotta, and you get a $10 signup bonus. Plus Vanholio gets a kickback. Or use this code when you sign up through the app: BTYJBXW)

They both got lots a good manufacturer coupons at Walmart and a ton a other grocery chains. But they also both got coupons on generic goods, like eggs, fruits and veggies, bread, etc.

Last week, had two generic Walmart coupons. One was for up to $2.50 in free eggs. I got 18 large eggs free. The other coupon was for $2.00 off any brand a sliced bread. I found a loaf a Walmart multigrain for $1.98, so that was free.

Email from showing rebate into PayPal account for items purchased

While I was there, I picked up two free mayo packets from the deli. I usually use mayo packets from Walmart or convenience stores so I don't have to worry about refridgeratin' a big jar.

Eggs, bread, and mayo all FREE! Well, I guess that Ziplock and season salt I used cost some, but I aint' complainin' none, I tell you what.


  1. Add a relish packet and ride on the wild side!

    1. Hot damn! I never thought a that!