Last Update: 1/30/2018

OTR Vandwellers Got Nomadic Territories

Map of Vanholio's Territory, mostly the Colorado Plateau

Now that Vanholio's pushin' three years as a vanlife nomad, he's staked out a home territory he wanders around. Talked to some other vandwellers, and they do the same.

Ya can see Vanholio's territory in the picture. Here's what some other vanlifers said when I pitched the question where theirs is …

Territories of 3 Vanlife Nomads

Kevin Venture of the Clear Adventure YouTube channel said:

Hey brother! Yes I do [have a territory]. It would have to be the west of the country. I am not a fan of the east as much. I prefer the large open spaces with plenty of BLM, also the warm weather in the winters. 🙂 [I do go as far north as] up to Alaska. I grew up there and want to visit again in the next few years. But mostly Washington state, Montana, border states.

Jamie Dimon of the Enigmatic Nomadics YouTube channel said:

I prefer the southwest, Utah's Mighty 5 and Baja Mexico, but if things go well I might start flying to New Zealand, Australia and shit like that.

Alan Christensen of The Rolling Steel Tent blog said:

With the exception of that trip to the Gulf [I took last year], I've stayed between the Front Range and the Pacific. That was always my plan. I spent the past two summers in southwest Colorado helping a friend build stuff, and I spend winters in the desert, but I still prefer to wander--assuming the weather is to my liking. I've seen the whole country. I like the West best. [For north and south, I range] border to border.

Alan Christensen's Territorial Movements on map, sept 2017 to january 2018

Most Kindsa Nomads Got Territories

I guess this territory thing don't matter a hill a beans. Just find it interestin'. It's the amateur anthropologist in me.

And it makes sense. Unless your vanlife nomad's got a big travel goal, it's a certain area that tends to have everythin' they's lookin' for.

Traditional nomad cultures got territories, too. They might move with the seasons, but only within a range that's got what they needs. Think a Mongolians travelin' around, ya know, Mongolia. Same with critters. I never did see a caribou wander inta Texas.

Vanholio's territory is defined by some secret sauce a climate, mountains and desert, culture, medical resources, public land, and more. The Colorado Plateau just hits all the right vanlife notes!

Mind you, I do leave my usual territory. Especially ta visit my people in Texas. But that's kinda like a vacation or whatever.

What's Your Territory?

Do you got a territory, too? If you ain't a vanlife nomad yet, where ya think yours might end up? Comment below.

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  1. Any plans for a Youtube channel? Lots of people would sign up!

    1. It's a good idea business-wise, but Vanholio's a writer. I did put up a video on Dtube sweepin' around a view at Chiricahua National Monument. I might do more like that.