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Louisiana Pigs Shake Me Down

Sign reads "The Butt Hut Bar-b-que" and has a pig seen from butt.
Goddammit! As a suspicious character with some kinda brain, Vanholio's No. 1 goal is to NOT look suspicious. But my best plans failed in Pollock, Louisiana. Got questioned by three LEOs for about 30 minutes!

This was as last Thursday. I was lookin' for a legal dispersed campsite in Kisatchie National Forest, near Stuart Lake. And I was drivin' legally down a legal road, mindin' my own legal goddamn business!

(BTW, that big photo is the sign for The Butt Hut in Vidalia, Louisiana. Had to stop! Decent pulled pork. Outstandin' coleslaw.)

The road was FSR 123. Not far in, I come to this puddle in the photo and wisely stopped. You know, instead of stuckin' myself. Took a photo as proof a my newfound wisdom.

puddle in middle of dirt road
Puddle where it all began!
Comin' down the other way was a game warden. He stopped and asked me a lotta questions about whether I had guns, where I was goin', etc. Then the fucker wanted to see my driver's license!

Now, when a LEO *asks* to see your license, that's a fuzzy area. You don't *have* to show your license as the LEO don't have probable cause, such as a traffic stop. If he did, he'd *demand* to see it. But then again, if you say no, it raises suspicions and may lead to trouble if the LEO is an asshole.

So I showed the game warden my license, but let him know this was goin' too far, IMHO. We parted.

A bit later, I took Ms. Barkley for a walk by the lake. When I come back to the van, who was standin' outside it but a local police officer and the game warden! (Cop No. 3 showed up a bit later.)

The dance began. Many questions were asked. Some were answered, some were not. Vanholio did his best to stand for his rights without invitin' an ass kickin'. Kinda like pettin' restrained but suspicious guard dogs.

Turns out Vanholio stepped his foot in it. FSR 123 drives straight to the back a the Pollock Federal Correctional Complex. Also turns out that dumbasses been drivin' back there to smuggled drugs into the prison.

So when Vanholio was sniffin' around there and nearby backroads in a white, unmarked van with outta state plates ... Well, locals saw the van and called me in. And you know what them and the LEOs was thinkin'.

Matters got cleared up. Didn't get the glove. But it was not a fun day ... USA, LLC

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