Last Update: 12/05/2017

Dispersed Camping Shut Down in Hunting Season

Squirrel hunters shoot guns up into trees
Vanholio's made a discovery this last fall months. In some – not all – national forests, the U.S. Forest Service don't allow dispersed camping durin' general hunting season. You must use a campground or hunt camp.

Sames true of some state forests and wildlife management areas (WMA).

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What Kinda Campin' Is Allowed, What Ain't?

Now, campin' as a whole ain't cut off. Them forests as cut dispersed campin' keep open campgrounds. And most have designated "hunt camps," which range from seasonal campgrounds with all the amenities to small areas of cleared brush.

By "general hunting season," I mean any a them times hunters is out for big game with guns. Different states call it different things. But I ain't had the kibosh put on my dispersed campin' during bow and blackpowder seasons.

Which National Forests Restrict Dispersed Camping?

Don't know yet which all U.S. National Forests, but there's a few I can speak to from my recent travels in the South along US-84 (little 84, not the interstate).

  • Texas
    • Sam Houston National Forest – approved campsites only
    • Davy Crockett National Forest – approved campsites only
    • Angelina National Forest – approved campsites only
    • Sabine National Forest – approved campsites only
  • Louisiana
    • Kisatchie National Forest – no restrictions
  • Mississippi
    • Homochitto National Forest – no restrictions
    • Desoto National Forest – no restrictions, except state WMAs use approved campsites only
  • Alabama
    • Conecuh National Forest – approved campsites only
  • Florida
    • Apalachicola National Forest – approved campsites only

Call any forest ya wanna know more about on dispersed campin' limitations. Don't rely on their Forest Service websites. These ain't kept up good.

If ya know more, let me know in the comments. Think I'll try to put together a bigass post with a master list for future.

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