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'Eat Algae Nonfood' They Said. And I Did!

heart shaped remnant of black-green nonbar by
Check this shit out! The prototype non/food nonbar is our science fiction future today! It's compressed, flavored algae. Yes, algae! Damn good, too! But what does it taste like...?

Well, I can't rightly say! It's kinda like when you try a new tropical fruit. I mean, what the fuck does guava taste like? It don't taste like nothin' but guava.

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Flavor meister Sean Raspet intentionally made it taste one of a kind. Here's how it's described on the non/food website,

Starts out leafy and green. A clean floral and honey middle with hints of citrus and vanilla. Savory base with nutty and roasted nuances.

There ya go! Can't say it much better than that. But a friend sampled mine and compared it to eatin' raw cocoa, the kind that's an unsweetened paste. Which ain't nothin' like Hershey's.

If Vanholio's got one complaint, it's the texture. Too smooth. It kinda paints to your teeth. I'd like it more chewy or crunchy or somethin'.

BTW, had no digestive complaints from eatin' my nonbar. Was kinda worried 'bout that after Soylent dropped algae oil as an ingredient when some folks got the runs. But nope, did my body good.

Don't know if the nonbar'll catch on, but I kinda hope it does. It's perfect for vandwellers, backpackers, travelers, or anyone who wants a super-nutritious, high-protein food that packs small and light.

Cool, too, to see a product introducin' algae as food. 'Cause that's the future.

As Earth cooks and population rises, algae is gonna be on the menu. Along with a bunch a other new foods. Check out this video below on 10 foods we'll probably be eatin' in the future.

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