Last Update: 4/24/2017

#Vanlife Still Good After Two Years?

Man crammed among belongings falling out of back of van. Van life! #Vanlife!
Question van life noobs and wannabes ask: Does anyone still do van life after a couple years? How long does anyone wanna live in a van down by the river?

First off, there’s tons a van lifers out there who’ve been doin’ this for decades. Most a them aren’t social media sensations. That’s why ya didn’t know about ‘em.

But Vanholio can only speak for Vanholio. I been doin’ this for two years now, give’r take. And I’m sure as hell set to keep on rollin’!

What’s Still Great About Van Life

My chief hope for van life turned out real good. That’s livin’ in the peace an’ quiet of nature. Still love that. As a tyke, I never did wanna come home from campin’. No I don’t ever need to.

The lifestyle is also sustainable cheap. Base expenses are around $500 a month (of course I spend more than that with luxuries.) That means less workin’ for Vanholio, and more time in nature

And while I ain’t travelin’ as much as Year 1, I still get to see lotsa cool shit.

What I Didn’t Expect About Van Life

I kinda wish I’d gotten a 4WD. Vanholio likes boondockin’ way back there, and he’s scraped up the bottom of the van more than a few times. Expensive repairs, too.

Learned, too, that I don’t need near as much shit as I bought. Just like backpackin’, less is more.

Another thing I learned is I like havin’ a job. Last couple months, Vanholio’s been workin’ as a US Forest Service volunteer. It’s nice havin’ meaningful work and relatin’ to coworkers and the public. Miss home a bit, too, from time to time.

All in all, van life is the life for me. Even if most of it ain’t all that more excitin’ than any other life.

Hey, Beer Vanholio! He works hard on this blog.

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  1. I've been at it for four years and have no desire to go back to "normal" living. This life seems totally natural to me. IT's not for everyone, but I think everyone should give it a try sometime in their life. It might make them a better, happier building dweller.

  2. US Forest Service volunteer? So you don't get paid for this? How many hours you work it? What's it like? I think it's time for a blog post Vanholio!

    1. Blog post is coming, but as a guest post on another site. You'll hear about it, though.


  3. 4 years now, urban van dweller only. South in winter, north in summer. Lots of truck stop and walmart parking lots. This is the happiest Ive been in many years. Not a life for everyone, though.