Last Update: 4/10/2017

Bad Luck Comes in 3’s – No Joke!

Bad Luck Comes in Three’s. Break a Match!

There’s an old sayin’: Bad luck comes in three’s. Well, last Friday, Vanholio done found out that's true for hisself. And sweet van life is no protection. Dammit.

First thing …

… in the mornin’, I went to get a pill from the new bottle of my prescription. But I couldn’t damn well find the bottle! Musta thrown the fucker out. Gettin’ a replacement prescription sorted out between the doctor and pharmacy took nearly all day. Not to mention a 50 mile drive into Walmart.

Second thing …

... a fellow asked Vanholio for change to a $20. Went for my billfold, and it turned out I’d dropped my wad a cash somewhere. That wad was somewhere between $50 and $60! Fuck me!

Third thing …

… was losin’ my MiFi somewhere. I think at the Walmart when a bundle of shit fell outta the van in the dark. But oddly enough, discoverin’ that a bit later didn’t even make me mad none. I just sighed and went to bed. Day over.

Some days it just don’t pay ta get outta bed. Seriously.

PS – Sorry for slackin’ on the posts lately. Vanholio’s been workin’ a van life seasonal job that’s got him plumb wore out most days. But that’ll be over end a the month. Thank God!!!

Hey, Beer Vanholio! He works hard on this blog.

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  1. I feel for ya. I bought a micro SD card the other day and I think I threw it out with the bag when I was straightening up the van. Or I put it in a place that made perfect sense at the time and I've forgotten where that is.

  2. He thing with "bad luck comes in threes" is when you start counting. Maybe losing the pills was number three in the previous string of bad luck while the money and mifi are one and two in the current string. Careful. Keep track of your stuff.

    1. Definitely, losing the pills and MiFi were totally my fault for gettin' lazy and not *immediately* puttin' shit where it goes. Good news: The MiFi showed up this morning behind the driver seat. Maybe the cash'll show up, too! :-) The pills weren't financially a big deal; mostly a hassle.

  3. Hang in there Vanholio. Life sure can be a pisser at times.