Last Update: 5/05/2017

Van Life Tax Free Income, Courtesy USFS

Altered US Forest Service sign says "Smokey is Very High Today."
Only YOU can get paid for volunteer work with the US Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and Corps of Engineers. It ain't much, but for van life down by the river, you don't really need much neither.

Vanholio's been tappin' this resource for months. It's a good gig for rubber tramps. Mind you, it ain't been enough to save. But it's been coverin' my expenses. Been makin' over $500 a month as a park host – tax free! – plus other benefits good as cash.

If you're thinkin' about workin' for better pay with a concessionaire, these volunteer positions is good experience. It ain't just camp host and park host jobs neither. You can do landscaping, trail maintenance, tree planting, visitor info booths – all kinds a shit.

Most a the volunteer positions just give ya an RV spot, true. Worth it if ya need hookups, but useless for true van life. But the payin' ones is hidden around LOOK! Check state sites, too.

I done wrote up all the details in an article on Check it out.

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  1. Is there any talk about if or how things might change under the current administration?

    1. No such talk. If anything, it's boom time for volunteers. The federal hiring freeze and slashed budgets has made the services more dependent on volunteers. They're using them and temp hires to keep things going.

    2. It's just like corporate downsizing bullshit. Get in temps and contractors to keep down payin' real salaries and benefits.