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How to Make Money While Traveling in a Van – Part 6

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Wrapping up Vanholio’s 6-part series, “How to Make Money While Traveling in a Van,” he’s talkin’ about gettin’ financial help when you need it.

If you’re a moocher or grifter, this don’t apply to you. ‘Course, if you’re one of them, you probably don’t even think you are, in my experience.

No, I’m talkin’ about regular, hard-workin’ vandwellers, too proud to take a handout.

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Accepting Help When You Need It

A good number of van life folks is in hard times. Not all, but a good number.

Some of them have a real problem asking for benefits and charity they’re eligible for. That’s their pride. Fuck pride!

A Little Story About Giving and Receiving

Vanholio’s been friends with one guy since high school. As teens, if we went out together, we split the bill exactly to what each spent. To. The. Penny. No way we was gonna pay anything more or less than our fair share.

Well, as years gone by, we’ve both had our ups and downs. When he’s been outta work, I’ve treated him to meals and outings, and thrown work his way when I can. When I been outta work, then he did the same.

We just don’t keep tit for tat no more. And neither one feels bad when we’re on the takin’ end.

Sharing Burdens Is Human

They way I look at it, we’re all in this together. Sharing is the natural state of man. Sometimes we give, and sometimes we take. It’s how and why we all stick together.

So I say, don’t feel bad if you're hurtin’ for money and need help to make ends meet. Check out “Find Help” links at bottom and ask for what you need.

Someday it’ll be your turn to give. Or maybe you did your bit in past. And even while you're gettin’ financial help, you can still be of service in other ways.

Finally, if you’re hurtin’ yourself by not getting help you need with food, medicine, shelter, and the rest, you're creatin’ more problems for everyone else. Both by costin’ society more money in the long term and by worryin’ the people you love.

And if all that still ain’t convinced you, read the articles linked in the “Also See …” at bottom about accepting help. Maybe they’ll open your mind some.

Take Every Benefit and Loophole Allowed

Now, Vanholio don’t see a problem with takin’ any government benefit you’re legally entitled to, so long as you don’t lie. Much.

I’m with our POTUS-Elect when Hillary pressed him on using a loophole to avoid some federal income tax for 30 years. He said, a) “It makes me smart,” and b) If she don’t like it, why didn’t she work to close the loophole in Congress?

If that edges Vanholio over to the grifter side, so be it.

Got a Problem With That?

Not everyone agrees with Vanholio, of course. I’ve gotten more shit in comments about my gettin’ Expanded Medicaid (and not actin’ ashamed of it) than I’ve gotten about any other single thing I’ve said. Ever.

But I don’t blame them morons. They know their cornbread is getting poached somehow. It’s only natural to blame the first cockroach they see.

And if you’re too proud and public spirited to take every benefit and loophole, why, bless your heart.

Find Help

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