Last Update: 5/18/2016

What If You Only Had Six Months to Live?

VW bus against the night sky. Quote says, "What Would You Do If You Only Had Six Months to Live?"

Vanholio ain't got much wisdom. But he's learned to ask himself this question: If I only had six months to live, what would I do? Then I plan accordingly.

That power of that question come to me some years ago. I was going through a rough patch, a breakup with my ex. I'd always seen us together, getting old together. I didn't know what the fuck to do. Was totally fucking lost.

Then somehow, that question – What would I do if I only had six months to live? – came to me. The answer? Told myself I'd sell everything up, buy an RV, go sit my ass in Big Bend National Park, and write a novel. That was my guiding star.

After I moved out, I did something close: I stayed in my friend's country deer-hunting trailer for the summer. I wrote a crappy first draft of a novel. (It'll never see press. Trust me.) I was miserable after the breakup, but I was thrilled with how I was living.

That was some years ago. And I went down some wrong paths since then. But that guiding star was always in my vision.

Today, the answer is almost the same: I'd travel and write. So I'm an OTR vandweller doing just that. It's a miracle life, this "living in a van down by the river."

What's *your* vision? What would *you* do if you only had six months to live?

Want to spend more time with family? Find a way to work less or maybe have longer vacations together, like going into teaching to have summers off.

Walk the Appalachian trail? Start backpacking on vacations and set aside money to take on the AP eventually.

Want to make sure your kids and SO have a house owned free and clear?
Prioritize your spending to pay that sucker off.

Want to work in your garden? Maybe look at going into market farming or community garden organizing.

In the real world, you might not exactly hit your dream. There's a whole lot of fucking considerations. But you can get damned close if you're honest about what you want.

What I found about getting into vandwelling and writing is that it wasn't that hard. Yes, I had to plan and make sacrifices. It took time to pull everything together. But the logistics flowed easier than expected once I set myself to reaching that star. It's making the fucking decision that's hard.

So I ask you: What would you do if you only had six months to live?

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  1. Any six months might be our last. There's no rule that someone must inform us beforehand.