Last Update: 3/06/2018

Use Windshield Reflector to Save Cooking Time, Energy

Max Burton Digital Stove to Go with windshield reflector wrapped around

Little vanlife tip ta make your boilin' more efficient: A reflector bounces back radiant heat and creates dead air space to reduce convection heat loss.

Don't matter what kinda stove ya use. Principle's the same.

That's why they sell aluminum heat reflectors for backpacking stoves. Same damn idea.

Only in this case, Vanholio's usin' his side window reflectors for the purpose. Ya could use aluminium foil or a piece a Reflectix, too. Don't fuckin' matter, so long as it reflects.

And Vanholio's cookin' in his 12v electric Max Burton Digital Stove to Go instead a some kinda gas stove. But energy's energy, and time's time.

Ain't much more ta say on this notion. The proof's in the puddin'. But the fellow in this here video proves it works like a real goddamn scientist.

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  1. Be careful with plastic reflective material around open flames or other hot things, of course.

    1. Shhhh! Let them without common sense kill themselves off, hopefully before they breed.