Last Update: 2/28/2017

First Step to Van Life? Trash Your Junk!

Can't start van life till all this junk in this junky garage is trashed!
Every journey starts with a single step. For van life, that step is trashin' all your crap, you fuckin' hoarder. Here's how to do it right!

Vanholio can't take credit for this one. Hashtag Van Life posted it first, and they used the method from some Ted Talk video. Seems sound.

Here's the steps as Hashtag Van Life put 'em:

  1. Pack up all of your belongings as if you were moving (clothes, kitchenware, towels, electronics, toiletries, etc)
  2. Continue to live in your home for 3-4 weeks
  3. Unpack only the items that you need
  4. Donate or sell everything that is still in boxes

Check out the video below, and check out Hash Tag Vanlife for other cool ideas. Their Twitter kicks ass, BTW!

Hey, Beer Vanholio! He works hard on this blog.

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  1. When I moved from California to North Carolina, I told the movers to just put everything in the garage and I would figure out where things went later. Like the method above, but without planning it that way, I'd go get things as I needed them. After three or four years I realized there were many boxes still sealed up and others with just a few things removed. That's when I ordered up a dumpster.

    When I sold the house, I sold/donated/dumpsterized everything except what I thought I'd need. When I loaded it into the yet-to-be-built-out van, it filled it 3/4 to the roof, and there was no bed in there yet. I spent a month at a buddy's shop completing the van and seeing what would fit. Only about half of my "essentials." Since then, I've jettisoned stuff about every six months. About all I've added is a battery charger, a pair of shoes to replace some that wore out, and a warmer jacket.

    I'm not a big preacher of minimalism, though I do have my opinions about it. At nomad gatherings most people are astounded by how little I haul around. They don't know how it's possible to live that way. They might not be able to, but I am. I've had four years' experience doing the only-what-I've-actually-used test.

    1. I think even today I could trash half the shit in my van.