Last Update: 2/21/2017

5 Chrome Extensions to Accelerate Your Web Browsing

Donut King deliver van shoots down the road at high speed due to flaming jet exhaust out of back
For van life digital nomads and rubbertramps, internet data speed is a problem. Either we’re budgeting data to save money or we’re dealin’ with a shitty slow connection. These five extensions will speed things up.

Vanholio uses all five extensions together, so he can vouch. But they got cousins in the Chrome Web Store that do about the same. I bet there’s similar for Firefox, Safari, and other browsers.

5 Data Saving Chrome Extensions

Adblock – Does just what it says. Supposedly the most popular Chrome extension of all time. It don’t block everythin’, but it blocks most.
Data Saver – This here Google-made extension shrunks, e.g., “optimizes,” the web pages you’re pullin’ on Google servers. Cuts Vanholio’s data 5-10 percent.
Disable HTML Autoplay – I fuckin’ hate it when videos just go off by themselves. This extension cuts that bullshit out.
Ghostery – Ton a sites these days shove extra trackin’ code down your throat. Helps them, not you. Kills privacy. This’ll stop ‘em.
Text Mode – This keeps all images and video from auto-loadin’, leavin’ a box where they was. If you wanna see the image after all, you can click on it to reveal.

All these five extensions have options to turn them off on pages you wanna fully load for one reason or other.

Hey, Beer Vanholio! He works hard on this blog.

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  1. Thanks for these. I already use Adblock and DataSaver.

    1. (y) Check out ScriptBlock, too. A little trickier.