Last Update: 3/15/2016

Carving Wooden Dildos for Fun and Profit

I've gotten into whittlin' lately, literally whittlin' away the time. This artisinal wooden dildo is one of my first pieces. It's suitable for first-time pegging.

Hand holds a tiny, 3” hand carved artisinal wooden dildo
See, I was hanging with this pot smoking good old boy for a while at one of my camps. He said, "Hey, you should make something for me to remember you by." So I did.

After some laughs about whose I used for a model, we got to talking. He said, "You should carve 'em bigger and start selling those things. Chicks would buy them. Gays, too."

That got me thinking. Finding ways to make money on the road is something a vandweller obsesses over – that is, if he doesn't want a job. I don't. And so Vanholio started scheming and surfing the net. 

Turns out, people have this one covered. They're pimping them on Someone's getting a hold of them too!
Not sure if I want to take these on. It’s a lot of work, what with whittlin’ them. Then there’s lots of sanding, up and down, up and down. And polishing the knob. Then waxing them so they go in smooth.

But I might still try to penetrate the market. And it doesn't worry me any if you join in, too. It's a wide-open country with plenty of niches to fill.

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