Last Update: 4/20/2018

#Vanlife Interrupted

Van upside down in middle of street, cop car next to it

Circumstance has got Vanholio off the vanlife road and sweatin' in South Texas – maybe permanent! For the next month or two, he's playin' Mr. Handyman. Probably won't be updatin' this blog, neither.

Fixin' Up the Rental House ta Sell

Now, I ain't never gone inta detail about how I make my money. 'Cause it's none a your goddamn business! But you're about ta get a little window.

Down in South Texas, Vanholio's got this house he's been rentin' out as one income stream. It's where he lived before vanlife.

Now, I say "house," but it's really an overgrown shack. Definitely some Baltic Avenue shit.

Last two years, he's gone through four sets a tenants – FOUR! – and not one a the bastards finished out the lease! Latest just skipped last week. Fuckers!

Between lost rent, more repairs, and management costs, this income stream is more an expense stream.

So I'm givin' up on this landlord shit. Early this week, I drove the wide expanse a Texas, got settled inta the house, and started cleanin' this shit up. Thankya Jeezus they didn't fuck the place up serious! Just a little scruffy round the edges.

Vanholio's gonna take a month'r two ta get 'er fixed up, painted, and spit polished, ready ta sell!

But Devil's Temptin' Me Off the Road

Once Vanholio made the decision to come back ta Texas and fixerup, a wicked idea hit him like a goddamn truckload a horseshit laced with anvils. That idea? Move back home.

See, I got most my people 'round here. While I weren't lonely at all wanderin' around in the van, the idea a seein' my people more regular's got me excited. Imagine that!

Other seductive thoughts been comin' inta my head, too. Like: "How 'bout enjoyin' the place once ya finally got 'er fixed up like ya always wanted?," and "Wouldn't a little wood shop be nice?," and "How about plantin' fruit trees and a garden, puttin' food up?," and a course, "Wouldn't it be damn nice ta have a full kitchen again?"

Yessiree, Vanholio's bein' tempted by the Devil a Domestic Bliss! He may succumb. Never did say I were a saint. In fact, I sure as hell ain't.

What's the End Game Here?

Not sure. I'm gonna take a month or two off the blog ta fix this place up. We'll see if stayin' put is gonna be or just a passin' fancy. They's pluses and minuses both ways. I'll let ya'll know.

Gettin' mail on the road? Traveling Mailbox! (review)

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  1. I have gone both ways a couple of times and found that a few months in a place I really like makes for a couple of years of roaming to balance my life about right. I am about three hours from a five month sitting still period (grandkids) and then I will really enjoy rolling again. Gotta keep a balance.

    1. If I do stay AND I play it right, bein' a part-timer is in the cards. This ain't a place ya wanna be in summer.

    2. As a life long Texan I was wondering what general area of Texas your house is in.

    3. Outside Brownsville

    4. OH MY that is summer wrong for sure.

  2. Anonymous22.4.18

    Winter in Texas and Summer adventuring on the road. Aint nothin' wrong with that! Plus ya may find a little lady to share the bills as bein' a homeless bum aint attractive to most females!!!

  3. My renters skipped out, didn’t finish the lease annnnnnd stole my refrigerator!
    Property mgt company is ghosting me!