Last Update: 9/23/2016

Living #Vanlife Facebook Free!? WTF!?

Fuck Facebook. I'm going cold turkey living in a van down by the river.
I can hear Matt Foley now: "Well, you're gonna be doing a lotta Facebook when you're living in a van down by the river!" Damn fucking straight, Matt! So how can I get back on the right track?

That's the question Vanholio's been asking hisself. He didn't take up vanlife to spend all goddamn day "meeming" on Facebook, by golly. It's a goddamn hall of mirrors. Yet I been doing waaaay too much a that shit. It's like fucking crack cocaine!

So here's what I done: I installed a URL-blocking extension in my Chrome, Block site. Then I added all the Facebook URLs to its prefs, plus all my other big time-waster sites (mostly news and titties).

Sure, I can undo all that at any time, but it'll make me stop and think. In fact, I may – might! – unplug Block site for, hell I don't know, an hour or so twice a week to keep up with folks. Can a crackhead moderate...?

Lookin' forward to getting back all that piss-gone time to:

  • Write
  • Hike
  • Look at shit
  • Drive around
  • Read actual books
  • Talk to people in person
  • Whittle
  • Forage
  • Fish and hunt
  • Take up with disreputable women ...

           ... ya know, all the stuff I became a vandweller to have more time to do.

But then, if you been around the block, you know better than to listen to a crackhead who swears he's gone straight.

Hey, Beer Vanholio! He works hard on this blog.

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PS: This post has been automatically reposted to Facebook by So there. :-P

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