All the Whores I Knowed Before

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Ever wonder what visitin’ a hooker is really like? Vanholio relates his experience with eight prostitutes on three continents. 99 percent true! Only the names been changed. Not exactly van life, but it’s travel and exploration.

It’s all in Vanholio's short new ebook, All the Whores I Knowed Before. You’ll learn how things work on the US streets, Nevada, Austria, Malaysia, and Thailand. I cover the legal and illegal. Plus talk a bit about the touristy parts a them places and what else I were up to.

Chapters include:

Ch. 1 – The Driveby Hooker
Ch. 2 – Doublemint Fun
Ch. 3 – Jawhol, Frau Linkmeyer!
Ch. 4 – Everyone Loves a Happy Ending
Ch. 5 – What's Your Lucky Number?
Ch. 6 – Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Ch. 7 – Scotch on My Rocks

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