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Don't Cook Ramen Noodles, Soak 'Em Cold!

Summer comes a broilin', and a poor vandweller asks himself: “Must I cook these instant ramens?” No, actually. Soak ‘em and make cool salads like these! (See more great ideas in my YouTube Ramen! playlist.)

Soak Your Noodles About an Hour

Turns out instant noodles, like your cheap-ass Maruchan and Nissin ramen packets, are already cooked. They’re dried by frying. You just need to hydrate them.

I just break mine up and soak ‘em in my Big Bubba Mug for about an hour, more or less. Mostly, I just set ‘em aside and come back awhile later.

They set up just fine, good texture. Of your cheap noodles, I think Maruchan has better mouthfeel than Nissin when just soaked. (BTW, I tried the same thing with regular pasta. Turns to mush).

Three Ramen Salads I Made

I’m not going to give you a bunch of recipes. I don’t do that shit. But here’s three ramen noodle salads I made, just for inspirationals.

Ramen With Vinaigrette Slaw and Chicken

This was my first evil experiment. I had confetti slaw on hand – that’s bagged slaw mix, made with broccoli stems, cabbage, carrots, etc., but sans dressing. And Walmart had canned chicken breast on sale. My rusty old brain wheels turned.

Soaked the noodles with the juice from the canned chicken and more water, plus canola oil, garlic salt, Tapatio hot sauce, and apple cider vinegar to make a vinaigrette. I don’t know exactly how much of anything – I winged it.

After the noodles were soft, I mixed them in two quart-size, Ziplock-type bags with chopped onion, the slaw veggies, and the canned chicken. Two delicious meals!

Ramen With Three Bean Salad

I soaked the ramen with the juice from a can of three bean salad, garlic salt, dried fried onions, and vegetarian bacon bits.

After the noodles got soft, I just mixed in the beans. Awesome! And you’ll notice it’s all from dry goods.

Ramen With Mayo and Egg

This was basically macaroni salad with added egg.

After hydrating the instant noodles for an hour or so in my Big Bubba Mug, I drained off the extra water. Then I added garlic salt, a generous amount of mayo, and two hard-boiled eggs that I’d baked in my RoadPro Stove.

I just kind of crumbled the eggs in there with my hands, then broke it up more with a fork. Then I mixed everything all around.

Good shit. Stuffed me like a Christmas goose!

What Ramen Salads Are in Your Brain?

Those are just three ideas I had and liked. You could do just about anything. What would you make? Comment below. And see more great ideas in my YouTube Ramen! playlist.

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