Last Update: 4/19/2016

Save the World by Doing Less, or Nothing

Cute pigs sleeping in a pile. Quote says, “Never rush your bacon!”

Today, I ain’t doing shit but sleeping in my van and writing. It’s my solution to nearly everything – all the big problems. Why? ‘Cause busybodies fucked us up!

We need to go to a four-hour work day OR LESS. How would that help? Look at our fucking problems in this country and on this Earth …

Unemployment and underemployment? Job sharing lets more people have jobs, good jobs, not bullshit jobs.

Poor physical and mental health?
Less work per person means more time to sleep, chill, enjoy hobbies, socialize, and build strong families.

Environmental destruction? Valuing leisure and others over money and things means each person will buy less shit. Everything you buy, even services, takes resources out of the Earth.

Political tyranny? Folks with more time on their hands can organize to fuck The Man!

Gender inequality? Woman now get behind because they end up balancing jobs with family. With a four-hour workday, they’re not handicapped. And men can damned well do more at home!

The list goes on. I should start a global campaign for the four-hour workday!

But you see, Children, that would be counter-fucking-productive. I heard tell that the Japanese government put together a board in the ‘80s to get their people to use more leisure time. It worked 90+ hours a damned week to find a solution! … That might just be an urban legend, but it points out the problem of busybody solutions.

So I live in a van. My costs of living are tiny, so I don’t have to work all the damned time. This very day, I’m camped by a small lake. It’s chilly and raining. I’m between gigs in no hurry to get anywhere. I slept late. I took a nap.

What am I NOT doing today?

I’m not burning gas. I’m not using energy to heat or cool a house I don’t have. I’m not going out to eat or to the movies. I’m wearing old clothes. I ain’t doing shit but sleeping, eating cheap groceries, and writing this post.

I’m a failure as an American consumer. But that means I am cutting down my carbon footprint and not sucking hard at Earth’s teat. Don’t even need to invade an oil-rich country today!

We could all live the life of fucking leisure if we just worked less.

And with all our automation, we should be able to work on average four hours a day (20 hours per week). Economists predicted it a century ago.

So what happened? Who stole the four-hour workday? Read this VICE article to find out. Then watch the video below about how exactly the four-hour workday is going to pull our collective asses out of the fire.

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